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Clinical Pilates

There are many forms of pilates from studio, mat, reformer, class, group, individual, private, cardiolates, yogalates and almost any type of training with the word “lates” on the end.

Clinical plates differs in that it’s approach is based upon recovering from injury OR to build the core from the inside out in order to stabilise or strengthen your body. Clinical pilates at Health House Clinics utilises both mat and pilates equipment including the reformer, caddilac/trapeze, ladder barrel, spine corrector and wunda chair to target specific muscles OR specific movements needed to stabilise your trunk. As an example, in chronic or persistent pain, your main spinal stabilising muscle (multifidus or errector spinae) stops firing and performing the way it is supposed to. This encourages other muscles to take over and support the spine leading to stiffness and further compensations. When the errector spinae stops firing, it becomes weak, fatty and insufficient.

Clinical pilates helps to recruit these muscles (as well as all of your other core muscles) and teach the nervous system how to fire these muscles correctly and effectively. This leads to increased muscle stimulation, increased strength, less compensations and a stronger core. If the core is strong, there should be no pain in the back.

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frequently asked questions

Why Pilates Instead of Crunches and Sit-ups at Home?

Clinical Pilates helps to recruit the muscles the right way and in the right order. Also depending on your technique at home, crunches can actually cause more damage than benefit. Sit-ups are worse.

Also at home, you are relying on an all or nothing approach. This means that you have to lift all of your weight or not complete the exercise. With pilates, utilising certain moves and equipment we can reduce or alter the load you are lifting with springs, bands, straps so that you are lifting a percentage of your weight as opposed to all of your weight. When returning from an injury, graded load or gradually increasing the load is key to prevent flare ups OR re-aggravation of an old or existing injury.

How To Get Started?

To ensure the quality of each class, numbers are limited, and each participant must attend an ‘initial consultation’ (a private session) at which your instructor will discuss with you your needs and goals. They will also take you through the equipment and ensure you are confident in using each piece. Once your assessment is completed, our instructors will create a personalised rehabilitation plan to execute over the coming weeks to help you reach your goals. You can call the clinic on 9524 8862 or book online by clicking here or using the button to your right.

We ask that you arrive a few minutes prior to your initial consultation to fill out some paperwork so that you are ready to get started. You will need to wear socks on the equipment.

Why Choose Health House Clinics Pilates Team?

At Health House Clinics, our Pilates Practitioners have the experience, expertise and dedication to treat your needs.  Our pilates Practitioners work as a team to ensure your back and core stability are returned to optimum strength and stability as soon as possible.

Whether you are returning to sport, have just injured your back or are rebuilding your pre-baby body, we have the instructors and classes that are ready to suit your needs.

How do our pilates practitioners treat?

Our practitioners focus on the relationship of the spine/pelvis and trunk and the functioning nervous system. Our pilates team at Health House Clinics will also place emphasis on your lifestyle habits, posture, diet, training program and how that may be contributing to ongoing problems.

Our Pilates classes are about treating you as an individual and creating a custom made treatment plan to suit your needs. Let us get you back on the road to living a healthier life today.

Your pilates program will encompass hands on assessment and exercise selection with a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to have you back enjoying life pain free. Each class builds on the previous previous creating a snowball effect of strength and stability from the inside out. It is important that you avoid skipping or missing classes to ensure a rapid recovery of your condition.

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Whether it is a running, soccer, football, basketball, netball, or any other type of sports injury, our Clinical Pilates Practitioners have the expertise to assist with rehabilitation, return to play or game day preparation.

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It doesn’t matter if it is your neck, mid back, lower back or pelvis. If one thing is wrong, the whole system doesn’t work properly. With customised rehabilitation and specific exercises, you’ll be back in no time.

Disease in the office


Most pain in our body comes from overuse or sustained poor posture. We can help with ergonomic correction/advice, exercises and rehab hat can be completed during your work day and increase productivity pain free.

Doctor and patient


We have the guidelines and surgeons recommendations for any knee, spine, hip, pelvis, shoulder or ankle injury you have sustained. Whether it is pre-operative preparation or post operative rehabilitation, you are in good hands with graded exercises and specific conditioning based upon your specific needs.