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Yoga Tuition - The ultimate aim of practising the ancient art of Yoga is one of self-development and self-realisation!

At Health House Clinics, our Yoga Practitioners have the experience, expertise and dedication to treat your needs.  

What Is Yoga tuition?

Transform your body with improved strength, flexibility and mind / body balance by taking on the ancient art of Yoga.
We work with many clients who have experienced physical stress and tension due to injury, poor posture or ill health.
Through the practice of Yoga these clients develop an improved capacity with their muscular, respiratory, circulatory, hormonal and digestive systems. Many clients have also experienced greater emotional stability and clarity of mind.
We practice Soul Yoga which is a fusion of different styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.
We begin by focusing on the foundation and alignment required to master the various physical postures also known as asana’s that are essential for good posture and balance.
We then progress into a flowing sequence of physical postures while co-ordinating a regulated breathing pattern. This practice is also known as “vinyasa flow”.
Our intention is to allow the balancing of yin & yang ways of expression. We also believe that holding the postures for a good length of time is the best way to really experience the beauty & intimacy of the practice.
Integrity, empathy and authenticity are at the heart of how we operate. We practice these qualities in our classes by personally guiding you with soulful advice and qualified adjustments to postures that allow you to feel and develop a greater understanding about the purpose of each posture and its value.
We allow enough time and encourage clients to ask about any postures that they wish to develop and enhance for personal benefit.
We complete our practice with rest, meditation, reflection and the integration of the practice.
We incorporate other different healing, restorative & profound transformative practices within our courses, Workshops & Retreats.
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Transformational Healing Therapies - Our aim is to guide and empower each individual through times of challenge, transition and personal development!

One in three people will experience mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress at some stage in their life. Sometimes the cause is biological. Sometimes it is triggered by life events such as Loss, trauma, isolation, hardship, abuse & bullying.
We offer therapy sessions to individuals including youths that have experienced any of the disempowering events described above.
We provide guidance and support to each individual through times of challenge, transition and personal development. We aim to Empower individuals using any or all of the programs we offer that help to restore freedom, purpose and & a sense of belonging.
We specifically design our transformational therapies to suit the needs of each individual.
Our therapist is fully qualified with an extensive background in mental health, natural therapies and a wide range of healing and transformative practices.
Given clients have often experienced very personal events in their life, it is important to us that during all treatments we honour & respect your confidentiality.
Transformational therapies can be organised by:
  • Private consultation
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Bodyworks - Professional therapeutic intuitive approach using Yoga Therapy, Shiatsu, Psychodynamic therapy, meridian therapy and breath work!

If you’ve experienced physical injury such as loss of mobility or emotional and mental trauma, Health House Clinics bodyworks practices will help restore your mind and body to unified health.
Physical, mental and emotional trauma or injury creates blockages and pain within your body. This extra strain will often lead to physical dysfunction and unhelpful behaviours. Each of us copes differently and sometimes these coping mechanisms work temporarily but if left untreated they can evolve into mental health issues that cause separation, isolation and loss of interest and purpose.
Bodywork therapies are designed to release trauma and blockages from within the body physically, mentally and emotionally through a variety of healing practices.
We use a combination of the following therapies: psychodynamic therapy, meridian therapy, shiatsu, breathing and yoga therapy.
Psychodynamic therapy aims to determine how your unconscious processes are manifested in your present behaviour. We aim to create self-awareness and understanding about the influence of your past on present behaviour.
Meridian therapy restores the flow of energy in your body by using light pressure on the 12 main meridians in your body.
Shiatsu uses the same philosophy as meridian therapy where pressure is applied to the meridians however, shiatsu also includes treatment of the muscles and joints in the body using more massage like techniques involving the fingers, palms, elbows and feet.
Breath work uses full conscious connected breaths to clear unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and past events in our lives that are standing in the way of us reaching our potential and freeing us to be inspired.
Yoga therapy is a one on one session designed to suit each individuals needs, a hands on therapeutic adjustment and correction approach drawing from a range of sports specific and restorative postures designed and / or modified where necessary. This practice is to reach deep embedded trauma lodged in the body at the same time as a mediative state is developed with the guidance of our experienced therapist allowing the release to be more effective and profound.
By using combinations of these therapies clients have been supported back to full health where all the bodies systems have been rebalanced.
Bodywork sessions can be arranged by:
  • Private consultation
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Nutrition & Detox Programs - Transform your Body & Mind with high vibrational food choices!

Our nutritional & detoxification programs are designed to transform, inspire and empower. Whether you want to lose weight, purify your body or improve general health and wellness we will support your desire for sustained physical well being & a more vibrant You!
Many of our clients come to us in poor physical condition with food choices and eating habits that have reduced their bodies capacity to fight disease, illness and injury. If your overweight or experiencing persistent health issues, we can guide you back to optimal health and happiness.
Food is Medicine!
High vibrational food plays a significant role in the overall health of body and mind. Organic nuts, fruits and vegetables grown on trees and rich in nutrients from the sun are considered to be foods high in vibrational energy. Our bodies require this source of food to mend, repair and nourish our body cells as well as to provide optimal energy.
By contrast, many clients we work with have fallen trap to the high volumes of low vibrational food served in fast food outlets and grocery stores. Foods that have been processed to include fats, sugars, harmful toxic pesticides (poison), additives, preservatives and genetically modified foods (GMF) have a significant detrimental effect on our physical health and personal well being.
Our staff are fully trained and experienced in areas such as ‘food for medicine’, ‘conscious nutrition’, ‘allergies and nutrition’ and ‘lifestyle food’. We will educate, support and motivate you back to healthy body and mind.
We will teach you how to get the most benefit from your food choices.
We will empower you to know and care for what you are choosing to put in your body temple.
We will teach you to listen to your body’s response when digesting high or low vibrational foods.
The more aware you become to fine tuning and raising your frequency, the more your body will repel what isn’t up to its standard for optimal fuel supply and high potency nourishment.
The body is an amazing barometer – use it to your advantage!
Nutrition advice and support is offered by Our Natural Therapy Specialist!
  • Private consultation
Contact Health House Miranda now to commence your journey to a healthier purified body & mind By engaging with a practice of meditation, we learn the patterns of our mind!
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Meditation courses

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. The practice of meditation includes techniques that develop concentration, clarity and emotional balance allowing you to experience calm and the true nature of things.
We include the principles of meditation in all programs.
By learning to meditate you will develop mindfulness, where you learn to fully participate in normal daily experiences such as relating with others, delivering your work commitments & enjoying your meals with more presence.
At times, we all feel challenged, tired, confused or we doubt ourselves. Meditation will assist you to have clarity of mind so that these feelings can be properly validated.
With regular practice, meditation develops more focus that deepens into a profoundly peaceful and energised state of mind. This experience can allow you to reach a new understanding of life.
Meditation may be practiced the following ways:
  • Private tuition
  • Group classes
Contact Health House Miranda on 9524 8862 or CLICK HERE now to commence your journey to a healthier purified body & mind By engaging with a practice of meditation, we learn the patterns of our mind!

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